Valhalla Take Home Packs

Valhalla 500ml and 1 litre take home packs 1 litre take home packs of Valhalla Icecream 500ml Valhalla Icecream packs

1 litre take home packs

Valhalla scoop serve has been widely available for the past 20 years. With customers coming back again and again, the demand was so great that people wanted to take some home for later, hence the one litre containers were created using the same finest ingredients and fresh Tasmanian cream. The choice just grew and grew to become the largest selection of gourmet ice cream offered in Tasmania.

NEW! 500ml take home packs

Available in 4 favorite flavours
Demand for a smaller pack has grown across Australia and we have been developing a new, smaller, 500ml take home pack which is now available through our ever increasing Tasmanian and mainland stockists.

Save the Tassie Devil with Chocolate!

Try our new 500ml Tassie Devil pack. 50c from every sale goes to helping find a cure for the Facial tumours affecting our Tasmanian Devils.

Three great reasons to try Valhalla icecream in your own home today!