Order Valhalla products through the Metcash system.

Metcash Limited (Metcash) is Australia's leading wholesale distribution and marketing company specialising in grocery, fresh produce, liquor, hardware and other fast moving consumer goods...see more

As a wholesaler operating in competitive industries, we work tirelessly to champion the interests of independent retailers in each of the markets we serve. Our grocery, liquor and hardware brands signal our support for our customers, independent retailers... see more

Any store owners that are a part of any of the listed groups below can order Valhalla products through the Metcash system. Goods are delivered direct to the storeowner and storeowners pay metcash for their Valhalla order as part of their normal supply functions.


IGA Distribution

IGA is the world's largest voluntary supermarket network. IGA >D is the sole licensor of the IGA (Independent Grocers of Australia) brand in mainland Australia...see more

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